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10 Easy Ways to Honor a Veteran

The first chilly days of fall are upon us.

Here at Lakewood, it's a time when we look forward to the coming holidays, get thankful for the bounty we've become accustomed to, and remember those who serve and defend the freedoms we enjoy.

It's a time when we'd like to tell every man and woman in the military, "Thanks. Today, I owe my smile to you."

We may not be able to do a face-to-face with all the brave people who have served our country. But there are millions of ways to say thank you. This Veterans Day, let's show how much we appreciate our service men and women. Here are 10 simple ways you can honor a veteran today.

1. Wear a "hero bracelet."
From yellow ribbons to decorative mums, Lakewood members know how to show support of their favorite cause. Check out Hero Bracelets to get your own personalized band or pendant honoring military service members.

2. Pay a visit with your pet.
Get a listing of medical facilities in your area that serve veterans, and pay them a visit. Better yet, visit Faithful Paws of Houston and bring a certified pet with you to cheer up an ailing service member.

3. Volunteer your skills.
Contact MilServe.org and offer to do home repairs, deliver meals, provide transportation, or mail out care packages to service men and women.

4. Let dinner be on you.
If you see a soldier or veteran eating out at a restaurant, call the server over and offer to pick up their check. Or, visit one of Houston's participating restaurants offering free meals to veterans and active-duty military this year.

5. Green light a vet.
Support the Veterans Welcome Home Commitment by changing one light at home to green. Recognize the veterans in your neighborhood and "greenlight" them forward as valued members of our community.

6. Offer Veteran's Day discounts.
If you're a business owner, run a special discount or promotion for veterans and active-duty military.

7. Keep a soldier in touch with family.
Many members at Lakewood fondly remember the stories our loved ones shared with us. Donate to United Through Reading and help deployed service member parents stay connected with their kids by funding videos of them reading to their children.

8. Grant a soldier's wish.
Contact A Million Thanks to fund the special wish list of active duty men and women.

9. Pay tribute to a veteran's story.
Lakewood members are known for sustaining memorable legacies. This November 11, you can archive a veteran's legacy at the Online Veterans Tribute. Their story will be honored at the headquarters of the American Veterans Center in Arlington, VA.

10. Salute local veterans of Houston.
Participate in the city of Houston's annual Veterans Day Parade. Honor our home-town veterans with a 21-gun salute and a day of celebration and support.

Lakewood Yacht Club is proud to be home to so many members who have served in the American military. To you and your loved ones, we salute you. Thank you for your service and all you have done for us!

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Anne Bechard 
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