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And the 2017 Commodore Cruise Will Travel to . . .

Vice Commodore Jim Winton announced that the 2017 Commodore's Cruise will make the Chesapeake Bay its exciting destination. Here's what Vice Commodore Winton has to say about the upcoming cruise . . . .

Speaking of Commodore’s Cruises, many of you have asked where the 2017 Cruise will be going. For those who have had to put up with Cindy and me extolling the virtues of the Chesapeake Bay, it will come as no surprise -- Chesapeake Bay where Centurion is mid-way through a five-year exploration. The original plan was to spend one year on the Chesapeake, see all there was to see, and move on. Wow, was I ever wrong. Three years of part-time exploring and we haven’t even scratched the surface of all there is to see and do on the Chesapeake.

Just a couple of facts to pique your interest: The surface area of Galveston Bay is 600 square miles; the surface area of Chesapeake Bay and its tidal tributaries is approximately 4,480 square miles. Chesapeake Bay is about 200 miles long, stretching from Havre de Grace, Maryland, to Virginia Beach, Virginia; its width ranges from four miles near Aberdeen, Maryland, to 30 miles near Cape Charles, Virginia; while the average depth of the bay is about 21 feet, a few deep troughs run along much of the Bay's length, some as deep as 174 feet. The Bay and its tidal tributaries have 11,684 miles of shoreline - more than the entire U.S. West Coast. So you can see why three years of part-time exploration just didn’t cut it.

While exploring the Chesapeake, we have run into other members of the Club who also have their boats there: Marsha and Tom Taylor with crewmember John Barnett on Caprice, in Solomons, Maryland and later Tom and Marsha and I passed each other in the middle of the Chesapeake as they were on their way to Oxford, Maryland and I was on my way back to Solomons from Rock Hall, Maryland; Kathy and Doug O’Brien on Eagle Ford at St. Michaels; Kathy and Mike Hall on Shrug docked across from us in Solomons; and we just missed Kathy and Al Goethe on Hamburg II at Solomons. It has been a lot of fun meeting members of our Lakewood family far from home as we are all stretching our horizons.

There will be a lot more details provided at the kick-off meeting, and here's a quick preview here. The plan is to explore Annapolis, Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, St. Michaels, Swan Creek, and a couple of other interesting places. The cruise will offer two boating options, charter boats provided by Cruise Annapolis and cruising on your own bottom for those with boats on the Chesapeake and a car/shuttle option to go rendezvous with the boaters at various locations.

The kick-off meeting will be held on Saturday, May 7 for members planning to attend.

Written by Vice Commodore Jim Winton

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