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C420 Teams Gain Valuable Skills During Clinic
Yale assistant coach, Bill Healy, brought his wealth of C420 national championship level experience to nine aspiring C420 teams. We enjoyed very strong winds both days, one day 40 degrees colder than the other. The clinic focused on boat preparation and tuning guidelines and then rigging the boats with oversight from Coach Healy.  Basic trimming and hiking techniques were discussed in depth, with boat handling at mark roundings then practiced on the water. A gusty 20 knot southerly breeze on Saturday was a serious challenge to the sailors learning to hike and trim in those conditions. Many crews went swimming. A lot of sailing took place and video debrief pointed out improvements that needed to be made in helm and hiking techniques. The sailors took a lot of notes while Coach Bill was talking. He is currently a Yale assistant coach and had earned several national championships as a competitor, so everyone was very attentive to his debriefs. Coach Marek also offered keen insight to crew work and driving techniques. 

Sunday was very cold, so the morning was spent in more debrief and video training from high level competition. Watching the highest level sailors compete gives our sailors an idea of how it can be done. Sunday had a couple hours on the water in very cold 40 degree air temperatures. The sailors had 20 knots of gusty winds from the north to deal with. Techniques learned on Saturday already paid dividends on Sunday with better performance and control. Lakewood looks forward to sending three C420 Teams with Coach Marek to their first C420 Orange Bowl in Miami over Christmas break, and we wish Alex Wise/Laurel Tyson, Grace Bates/Pilar Blanco Midulla and Paul/Celia Houston fair winds and favorable shifts. 

Written by: Alan Bates, Seahorse Committee Chair

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