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Cruisers Tour Railean's Distillers

Lakewood Cruisers kicked off the weekend by heading to Bacliff to tour Railean’s Distillers on Saturday, followed by dinner by the water. Initially, Cruisers planned to ride their dinghies and drop their anchors, but because of the weather they changed it to a land cruise. That surely didn’t stop them from having a ton of fun!

Railean’s Distillers, a San Leon based company, was founded by Kelly Railean in 2005. Railean “manufactures vodka and various flavors of rum to distribute to Texas and other states,” said Watts Cutter, Cruising Committee Chairman. Cutter and his cruising friends had the opportunity to view the state-of-the-art distillery equipment, taste the spirits the company makes and
learn where they get their molasses and corn mash used to make their specialty handcrafted Railean’s Rum, Agave Spirits, Vodka & Whiskey. After the tour at Railean’s, Cruisers enjoyed dinner and each other’s company at Bubba’s Shrimp Palace. The members of the Cruising Committee are looking forward to getting together again next week to discuss the Harvest Moon Regatta.

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