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Daisy, the Liveaboard Cat

By: Rob Hefner

Her name is Daisy, and yes, she’s a cat.

And I’ll not forgive her for that.

She plots my demise

From sunset to sunrise

And all ‘cause I said she was fat.


She lives on the boat with us two

Pretends she’s in charge through and through

Her hole in the wall

Is escape from us all

It’s where she hides from us all

And goes poo.


Scared of water, she just can’t decide

Whether stay indoors or outside.

It’s a boat, stupid cat

Don’t you know where water’s at?

Quit your whining, and enjoy the ride.


Stupid cat stares at me like her prey

How I’m dressed might just make her that way

When things dangle and flop

From the bottom to the top

Her attention just will not give way


My wife says she has to be here.

To be honest, I’d rather have beer.

‘Cause the cat runs and hides

When our friends do stop by

And detracts from the overall cheer.


I’d so much love to send cat away

But my wife is the first to say “Nay!”

She loves that cat

She would never ‘llow that,

and with her are the rest of my days.

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