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Lakewood Hosts the Cold Front Series
As the temperatures drop and holiday spirits rise, Lakewood youth sailors are gearing up for the Cold Front Series.

Saturday, December 12 kicks off the first race. Open to youth sailors in all listed classes, the annual Cold Front Series marks a standard in the youth sailing world that all of Lakewood's youth competitors strive to achieve.

You know what they say about racing -- once bitten by the racing bug, you never come back. And what's the only thing more irresistable than the urge to race? The urge to win!

Waking before sunrise to head to the club and practice, Lakewood's youth sailors follow one of the most rigorous training routines in the sailing world. But if training is any indicator for success, Lakewood's youth sailors are prominently positioned for victory.

Seven-time Slovakian National Championship winner Marek Valasek understands the importance of arduous training. A former Olympic sailing competitor, Valasek incorporates tactical and strategic skills into the Youth Sailing Program as Lakewood's Sailing Director.

"Kids who sail tend to learn how to solve problems on their own, operate without close supervision, and learn to take responsibility for their actions."

Instilled with sailing proficiency, independence, and accountability for the success of the team, Lakewood's youth racers position themselves with a competitive edge.

To all the racers in the upcoming Cold Front Series, Lakewood wishes you fair winds and following seas!

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