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Lakewood Ladies Put the Power in Empowerment

Lakewood's Ladies are packing iron and visiting the bay this month.

No need to up anchor. These ladies are trading in boat shoes for ammo and firearms and heading for some girl time at -- the shooting bay!

Continuing their 2016 theme of self-defense, the Lakewood Ladies Association is off to practice the art of defensive weaponry. After welcoming the UHCL Police Department for a course in self-defense tactics, the Ladies Association appreciated the importance of practicing awareness, prevention, and avoidance techniques for at-risk situations. This month's trip to the Arms Room is an extension of that theme.

Vice President Amy Dunphey points out that self-defense is part of a bigger topic relating to the empowerment of women. Whatever the situation, setting personal limits keeps us in the driver's seat. Amy explains that, "even when they face situations that may not be imminently dangerous, women learn to set clear boundaries. Thus, they are more likely to avoid negative situations and unwanted behaviors."

Situational awareness is paramount to the discussion of self-defense. There's no better time to learn how to predict potential risks than in a non-threatening environment. Amy believes that practicing self-defense will empower women to fall prey to fewer episodes of aggression. "The assumption here is that awareness of surroundings helps to prevent situations that could lead to violent or dangerous situations."

Brandy Liss is part owner of the Arms Room and owns Damsel in Defense, an online resource providing female-themed personal security. Brandy will speak to the group about equipping women with practical tools to keep them safe. The group will learn the fundamentals of shooting to gain confidence and competency using firearms in personal defense situations.

While looking forward to a fun day out with the girls, Amy Dunphey hopes the group will enjoy a different experience they may have only had with their spouses. "We have quite a few ladies who have their Concealed Handgun License but don't have a lot of time to practice shooting. And we have ladies who have always wanted to shoot a gun but never had the opportunity. Nothing says friendship like bonding over UZIs!"

Ladies attending the day at the Arms Room may bring along their own weapon or use one provided by the shooting range. Ammo is available for purchase, and a variety of targets will be set out for practice. 

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