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Lakewood Yacht Club Members Cruise to the Northwestern US and Canadian San Juan Islands

Members from Lakewood Yacht Club and Gulf Coast Grand Banks Owners Association cruised to the Northwestern United States and Canadian San Juan Islands on their boats September 8-20. Seas were calm and skies were overcast in transit to their first stop, Orcas Island at Rosario, where the group was greeted by a well-managed docking crew who assisted the five boats. They enjoyed an organ recital and an elegant dinner at Moran Mansion. The Grand Banks crew celebrated a 70th birthday with many champagne toasts. The next day, they visited the mansion museum. The group also visited Friday Harbor and Roche Harbor. One day, they toured the large island of San Juan by bicycle and rental car. Wildlife viewing was abundant; whales, mink, otters, seals, dolphins, deer along the island shores and beautiful sea birds were spotted. A good time was had by all! Friendly people, delicious food, and outstanding comradeship – what more could you ask for?



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