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Lakewood Yacht Club's NEW Blog Provides Insight into Club Events, Activities on Clear Lake and Community News!

By now you likely know how Lakewood Yacht Club has an over 60 year history of being your perfect escape from the daily grind. It is a refuge from the clamor and demands of the world beyond our boundaries, the place where we come to relax and be ourselves. It is a place for our children to grow and thrive, as well as us adults to unwind and have some fun while making lifelong relationships.

Our boating tradition and history beckons those who love the water, as well as those that love to socialize and live life to the fullest.Throughout our time, we have really learned who our members are and have worked to find out what services, amenities and activities they really love! We also have gotten to know what our members like to keep up with in our community. 

In doing so, we are now excited to introduce our next step in serving our members with a new blog! Now you have the value-added benefit of being part of Lakewood by keeping up with the latest and greatest stories related to everything that you might be interested in from the latest racing and regatta information, club events and activities to relaxation tips and inspirational stories, all while keeping up with news from the club and our community. You’ll hear from a variety of voices – everyone from our members, staff and other community influencers.

To keep you updated on the latest and greatest, keep up with our blog weekly. Make sure to comment and share the articles you like the best! This blog is written with you in mind and we want to hear from you to ensure we are addressing the subjects you seek! Read, Reflect and Inspire with the new Lakewood blog today!


In the comments below this post, I would love to hear from you. What do you love most about being a Lakewood Member? How do you balance work and life? What community events are you involved in and what information would you like to share that would be interesting to your fellow members? Be as specific as possible.

Got more feedback? I’d love to know but I’d love you to participate even more!

Troy Wise 
Marketing and Membership Development Director

I’m super-excited about joining the Lakewood Team! Most would call me a hard worker that is energetic, disciplined, goal-oriented and creative! After 15+ years in the Marketing Industry, I now have the pleasure of generating, implementing and directing comprehensive marketing, communications and membership strategies specific to building brand awareness and our membership community, and doing it all with a smile!

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