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New Member Varchia is excited to join!
New Member Varchia is excited about Lakewood!

My experience with Lakewood has been a God-send!

I did not know the procedure or protocol for getting info on joining a "YACHT CLUB" and I literally stumbled upon the gate! I spoke with the guard, then came home & Googled the facility. Afterwards, I called & was fortunate enough to speak with a lady named ROSEBUD... and she was great!!!

Upon hearing what I needed to know at a brunch orientation, which is a phenomenal meal with champagne,  I decided it was a great value? I do not work, much less network, I do not own a boat, and I had never heard the word "YACHT" till I was in my 30"s....maybe a few years back.  That being said, the whole experience has been a surprise.

I was so impressed with the staff and had that warm fuzzy feeling with the facility; I did join! I have yet to meet an unfriendly person and someone is always asking if I need anything!

During the New Member Orientation, I was surprised to meet so many great people,  from the staff to the commodore, which is a female in power and without an attitude (we southern people may call snob)!

The bar prices are astoundingly competitive (I'm a drinker), the food is very inventive and you can request anything to be prepared in any way. I call this a win-win state of life!

I have joined several committees & been very active in the club. I haven't watched anymore Judge Judy and a few months ago,  I thought what's left for me to do now. 

Well now ...I go to LYC!!!!

Thanks Lakewood & Members.
V. Morgan
New Member 2015

Interested in membership??? Contact our Membership Director, Troy Wise at 281-474-2511 or email him at twise@lakewoodyachtclub.com 
Troy Wise 
Marketing and Membership Development Director

I’m super-excited about joining the Lakewood Team! Most would call me a hard worker that is energetic, disciplined, goal-oriented and creative! After 15+ years in the Marketing Industry, I now have the pleasure of generating, implementing and directing comprehensive marketing, communications and membership strategies specific to building brand awareness and our membership community, and doing it all with a smile!
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