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New Mobile App Takes Your Club On The Go

Lakewood Yacht Club launched its first-ever mobile app amenity for club members a few weeks ago. Connecting users on an even broader scale, the new app enables members to make dining reservations, RSVP for events online, access their account, and so much more. On-site or off-site, the club is now available wherever members are.

Adoption rates throughout the club reached nearly 20% within the first month of the roll-out. Members who downloaded the app are already using it on a regular basis.

Past Commodore Joyce Maxwell likes the app because it's fast and easy. Maxwell notes that, "I'm always needing people's contact information. Before, I had to go find a place with an actual computer, sign in to the website, and it was a hassle. It's so simple to access now."

Not only can members connect more easily with the club staff and community, but dining and event reservations are now accessible at the touch of a button. Experimenting with the mobile app, Maxwell attempted to make a dining reservation for a large party of eight. Four clicks later, Maxwell remarked that, "It took eight seconds. That was easy!"

Featuring a cutting-edge design and elegant branding, Lakewood's new mobile app is quickly becoming one of the top technology amenities for the club. To find out more about this and other club amenities, contact Marketing and Membership Development Director Troy wise at 281-474-2511 or e-mail him at twise@lakewoodyachtclub.com.

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