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Seabrook Gets a Jumpstart on Hurricane Preparedness
Lakewood Yacht Club hosts its annual hurricane readiness seminar in June. Headlined by prominent instructors from the National Weather Service, City of Seabrook Mayor's Office, and the Office of Emergency Management (OEM), topics will include evacuation planning, emergency preparedness, and marine safety.

Kent Prochazka, Meteorologist and Senior Radar & Fire Forecaster for the Galveston National Weather Service, will address areas related to hurricane readiness. Today more than ever, residents are equipped to be prepared in the face of severe weather events. The NOAA National Weather Service provides year-round information about all weather hazards and spring weather safety in the hopes that residents will have a plan ready and know how to respond to weather warnings.

From the City of Seabrook, Mayor Glenn Royal will speak about the Ike Dike -- the proposed coastal barrier to protect Galveston Bay. Residents living in coastal zones are encouraged to find critical information about building an emergency supply kit in the event that a disaster strikes. The key to remaining resilient is to take proper precautions and be prepared. The dike project aims to add dramatic value to the existing Galveston Seawall with the use of floodgates to minimize impact to Galveston, Bolivar Peninsula, the Galveston Bay Area, and Houston.

Investing countless resources to assess the local community's natural hazard risks, the Galveston County Office of Emergency Management presents Director Jeff Galyean to share his expertise about emergency communications and how to stay connected during emergency weather events. While forecasting techniques have improved greatly over time, the OEM strongly advocates for residents to sign up for notifications and stay informed during storm events.

Concurrent with the informational seminar, the Harbor Administration team from Lakewood Yacht Club will instruct participants about building an emergency evacuation plan and marina safety measures for boaters.

The seminar is free of charge and open to the public. Participants are invited to attend from 9:00 – 11:00 Saturday morning, June 4 at the Lakewood clubhouse.

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