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We Have an Author Among Us

 After serving his country for twenty-four years, Rob Hefner reflects on his experiences in his memoir, Not Quite Home. Hefner published his book under the pen name of James B. Morgan. Morgan began his service as an enlisted soldier and retired as a lieutenant colonel. Not Quite Home is about forming an incredibly strong brotherhood during times of paralyzing fear.

 Morgan speaks about the feelings of responsibility, pride and remorse that soldiers experience throughout their time in service. Not Quite Home is “intended for veterans, for those who love veterans, for those who support veteran organizations and for those who are just curious about the twisted way they think,” Morgan says.  “I want it to make a difference, somewhere, in helping a vet see he’s not alone, helping a spouse understand or any other little things that can make life hard.” Not Quite Home is available at Lulu.comBarnes and Noble and Amazon. To learn more about James B. Morgan click here. 

For the April book review meeting, members discussed Not Quite Home and enjoyed traditional Iraqi food, prepared by Chef Cristy. Rob’s wife, Susan, said, “the food is very similar to what Rob ate in the Iraqi mess hall, but Cristy made it taste a lot better.” The dinner consisted of roasted fish, saffron rice, kubba (minced meat and rice patties) with coconut and date cleches with ice cream for dessert. That evening Rob shared photos and stories from his time in Iraq. Everyone engaged in discussion and Rob had everyone on the edge of their seats with what he would say next.

Blog updated on April 27, 2017.

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