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What's the Difference a J Makes, Anyway?
Clew. Cleat. Carrick bend.

Lost yet? Well, not if you're a J boat racer.

The J/Fest Southwest Regatta is coming up here at Lakewood, and we're all charged up and ready to go!

Nothing says excitement like J/boat racing. Bursting on the scene from a meager three-car garage in Stonington, Connecticut, J/boats quickly evolved into the sleek design novelty that they are today.

Over 30 years ago, Rodney Johnstone built a 24-foot sailboat with a few hundred dollars worth of fiberglass and wood. $20,000 later, he sailed the fastest boat of the season. Johnstone's indellible mark on the world of sailing put the J/boat on the map.

Why are J boats such a coveted craft? In two words: fun and speed. Sailors can't get enough of insanely fun, super fast keelboats when it comes to racing through the open waters and being one with the great outdoors.

One racer shares that, "My favorite thing is to hang over the edge and watch the bow of the boat slice through the waves. I especially like it when the waves are high and the boat rises and falls with the rhythm of the water."

For serious racers, J/boat racing epitomizes a one-of-a-kind challenge. Unlike PHRF handicapped racing, J/boat racing focuses on the skill of the racer, not the design of the boat. One-design racing evens the playing field. The only thing standing between a racer and the finish line are skill and ingenuity.

This year, countless racers are stepping up to the exciting challenge. Drawing over 60 boats across 2-3 racing circles, the J/Fest Southwest Regatta presents one of the premier regattas in the southwest. Racers and non-sailors alike will enjoy live music, refreshments, tasty treats, and great friends.

Who wouldn't fall in love with the ultimate freedom of the open seas? It takes a high level of comfort with adventure and excitement to excel at J/sailing. This year's participants qualify as some of the elite. All the best to our J/Fest racers this year!

Anne Bechard 
Digital Marketing Specialist

I'm thrilled to be a part of Lakewood's marketing team! From an early age, I started showing signs of becoming an auspicious writing geek. Today, I'm a columnist for Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Business Insider. I get excited about exploring new ideas, communicating in a creative way, and solving problems that stump me. It's especially thrilling that I get to do all this in a place that personifies one of my greatest loves -- nature and the outdoors. I'm looking forward to growing our digital marketing techniques and meeting your communications needs with excellence!

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