2024 Summer Learn to Sail Program

2024 Summer Learn to Sail Program

This Program is for Members only

Learning how to sail is the first step on Lakewood Yacht Club's youth pathway. All our sailors go through "learn to sail program" and then progress to becoming racers and even representing the USA in international events.

Sailing fosters independence and confidence. Children gain a profound sense of achievement from sailing a boat comfortably on their own. Placing a child in a boat amidst nature reveals the weight of every decision and the sole responsibility for its outcome.

The confidence, independence, and reflection on consequences nurtured through sailing help children mature into accountable individuals, reflecting positively on their academic performance.

Rigging boats and ensuring readiness for the water instill organizational skills and accountability. Assisting peers and launching boats together foster care and teamwork.

Maintaining their boat instills discipline and self-responsibility, while navigating the elements instills a deep love for nature.

Sailing offers a refreshing alternative to today's digital immersion, and the safe, picturesque waters of Lakewood Yacht Club provide an ideal learning environment.

Our passionate instructors, deeply connected to sailing and the sea, have guided many young enthusiasts in the past and eagerly anticipate meeting new sailors at Lakewood Yacht Club.

We eagerly await welcoming new sailors this summer. 

Who knows, perhaps a future professional sailor lies among them…

Lakewood Yacht Club Summer Learn to Sail program is a "member only" program.

2024 Calendar:

Week 1: July 01 - July 05 (01 Mon - 02 Tue - 03 Wed - 04 Thu - 05 Fri)

Week 2: July 15 - July 19 (15 Mon - 16 Tue - 17 Wed - 18 Thu - 19 Fri)

Week 3: July 22- July 26 (22 Mon - 23 Tue - 24 Wed - 25 Thu - 26 Fri)

Week 4: August 05- August 09 (05 Mon - 06 Tue - 07 Wed - 08 Thu - 09 Fri)

Practice schedule: 

Monday to Friday from 09:00 am to 11:30 am

Age groups: 

6 - 12 years of age


Curriculum includes sailing and trimming at different points of sail, rigging and unrigging, and having fun in boats.


No experience required.


Parents will be provided a written evaluation of their sailor’s progress at the end of the session.


Optimist boats will be used for “Learn to Sail” program. Boats will be provided by the Lakewood Yacht Club.

Course fee and registration:

The 2024 Summer Learn to Sail program fee is $100 per week. Registration for multiple weeks is possible. The Summer Learn to Sail program is exclusive to members only. Members must log in to the system using their username and password to register for this program. Once logged in, you can access the registration form from the menu where the program is listed.

Course materials:

Appropriate buoyancy aid

Sea shorts

UV protected lycra t-shirt

Neoprene suit (Optional)

Sea shoes (plastic sole – easy dry)





Spare dry apparel

Water bottle

Sunglasses (optional)


All sailors must wear buoyancy aid during all times they are by the water. Our facility is a private sailing facility that is totally sheltered. All operational action plans from risk analysis to emergency plans are made and we are ready for every kind of scenario.

What is the next step?

Sailors who have completed the Learn to Sail program, and with the coaches’ approval, are welcome to participate in the next available development program. Our coaches will make an assessment and guide you into the related program. Please reach out to our team and we will contact you when the next course dates are confirmed.